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David and Goliath, and the Final Battle.

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David and Goliath

Image source: Wikimedia

The Biblical Story of David and Goliath

David was the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse of Bethlehem. He was a shepherd and spent most of his time tending the sheep and other animals in the fields outside the family home in the land called Israel. The king of the Israelites was Saul, a tall man for his time, and he and his army were battling the Philistines. Goliath was a Philistine and a huge well built man who was so big that no one would stand up to him when he repeatedly threatened the Israelites. He was said to be over nine feet tall although this is unlikely. King Saul's army were all afraid of Goliath.

Saul was not a very good king and he kept disobeying God so God decided that he should be replaced with a new king. God sent Samuel, who was a trusted and kind leader of the israelites, to Bethlehem to see the man Jesse and his eight sons. Samuel saw each of the sons but as soon as he met David the Lord spoke to him and said "He is the one". As David was to become the king of the Israelites Samuel immediately annointed him with oil. The power of the Lord was now with David.

David's older brothers were in the Israelite army and their father, Jesse, was becoming increasingly worried for their safety. One day, he called David out of the fields and asked him to take the brothers some grain and loaves of bread and let him know how they were. This David did and he ran towards the army camp and as he approached them he could hear Goliath shouting and repeating the challenge to the Israelites that he made every morning - will just one Israelite stand up to him? Goliath had been shouting this for forty days. David asked the men in the army if they would but they continued to refuse even though King Saul had offered a voluteer many riches and his daughter to be his wife. Hearing this David then proclaimed "Then I will fight this giant Philistine".

King Saul heard about David's offer and said to him that he was too small to fight with Goliath. But David told him that whilst looking after the family's sheep he had faced many dangers and God had helped and protected him then, and that God would help him now. David went to a nearby stream and put five smooth stones in his pouch around his waist. He then approached Goliath holding his sling and filled with his faith and the love of God. Goliath laughed at such a small boy having been sent to fight such a mighty warrior as him. David told him clearly that as Goliath fights with a sword and a spear, he (David) comes with God on his side and that, on this day, everyone will know that there is one true God in the land.

David reached into his pouch and pulled out a stone and placed it in his sling. He swung the swing around above his head and the stone was released and hit Goliath in the forehead, right between his eyes. Goliath lost his balance, fell to the ground and was dead shortly afterwards. When the Philistines see what happens they turn around and run away. The Israelites chase and defeat them in a final battle.

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