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This website Family Home Shopping (https://www.uk-homeshopping.com) is a secure and mobile-friendly website and an online directory of some of the best known UK shops, stores, suppliers and retailers offering great value products, goods and services online for the family or small business. This means that we do not supply goods or services direct to the consumer (website user) ourselves. Instead, we provide suitable links to shops and suppliers, and product and service descriptions where appropriate. Family Home Shopping does not have commercial premises or offices open to the public.

When you visit and trade with any shop, store or supplier listed on uk-homeshopping.com it is important to be aware of and remember that you are dealing with that store direct and not with uk-homeshopping.com. So, in the unlikely event of query or complaint with any goods or services provided, you should contact the shop or store direct as soon as possible.

Visitors and users of this website should also be aware that uk-homeshopping.com is not responsible for the content or security of any external websites that you may visit.

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