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Hornbeam Trees in the South of England

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Hornbeam Trees

Attractive and Sturdy Hornbeam Trees

Hornbeam trees are generally very attractive and can easily grow to heights in excess of twelve metres. They blend in well with other woodland trees and are frequently found growing close to oak trees in densely wooded areas in the south of England. They are also found in some wooded areas of Europe and even in some Asian countries.

Although the hornbeam's trunk can measure over two metres round, and unlike other woodland trees, its branches grow out from very low down. They grow in an upward direction to reach the sunlight rather than outwards. The smooth bark of the hornbeam tree is a grey colour but becomes dark and rough as the tree gets older. The leaves are an oval shape with jagged edges. The hornbeam's flowers look like bunches of small nuts and often grow quickly when planted.

Hornbeam trees need to be managed and looked after, and are frequently coppiced when in woodland areas. They are a particular favourite with cattle and deer who can cause a great deal of damage so they need to be protected as well. The wood of the hornbeam tree is hard and heavy and can be very decorative which makes them ideal for hedges and borders. They are also perfect for cutting and clipping.

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