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About Indian Tigers, their Colouring and Natural Habitat

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An Indian Bengal Tiger

Indian Tigers and the Royal Bengal Tiger

The tiger is one of the largest and most beautiful members of the cat family. Indian tigers are a rich orange with narrow black stripes. The underside of the Indian tiger and the inner side of each leg are nearly white as well as the cheeks and a large spot over each eye. Tigers are generally slender in build and the male can be more than three metres long from the tip of its tail to the end of the nose.

Tigers in India prefer the hot marshy lands along the banks of the rivers and the dry grassy plains as a natural habitat where its colours blend in perfectly with the surroundings. However, tigers are mostly found in the forests where there is ample cover. The tiger is one of the fiercest of all animals and hunts mostly at night, and is perfectly able to swim and climb trees. The roar of a tiger is low pitched and nothing like the sound made by a lion.

The tigress gives birth to cubs generally once every two years and can have as many as six although two or three cubs is normal. The cubs are looked after until they are nearly fully grown, and the tigress brings them food, teaches them how to hunt and protects them from enemies. The largest and most handsome tiger is the Bengal tiger of India and Pakistan.

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