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Myths, Legends and Strange Tales from The Past

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Myths and Legends

Ghost of the Witchfinder General

It has been reported many times that the ghost of Matthew Hopkins, the self-proclaimed Witchfinder General, can been seen still in 17th century clothing close to Mistley 'ducking' Pond and the nearby 'hopping' bridge not far from St. Marys Church, Mistley, Essex.

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Legends of the Mandrake Plant

In folklore, many legends and tales have been told about the mandrake. The best known is probably that the plant screams when pulled up out of the ground. The mandrake is a poisonous relative of the potato plant.

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The Legend of Baucis and Philemon

Late at night the gods came to a village where they knocked on many doors to ask for food and shelter but nobody would answer them. When they finally reached a poor thatched cottage where an old couple called Baucis and Philemon lived they were surprised to be warmly welcomed.

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Atalanta and the Golden Apples

Atalanta was a beautiful huntress and a heroine of several different Greek stories. She reluctantly agreed to marry if she could be beaten in a race. One day Atalanta was challenged by a favourite of the goddess Aphrodite called Hippomenes who was sometimes known as Melanion.

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Vulcan - Roman god of Fire

Vulcan was the fire-god and also a blacksmith who was noted for his skills at the forge and the things that he made in the many stories told about him through the ages. One of the stories told about Vulcan was that he was born lame and his mother was so annoyed at his deformity that she cast him out.

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Legend of The Unicorn

The legendary animal known as the Unicorn was believed to have had the shape of a horse but with a long single pointed horn growing from its forehead. The unicorn's horn, said to be made from a substance called alicorn, was said to be a cure for many illnesses and diseases, and also have amazing magical abilities.

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Sherlock Holmes

Many people have thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real person and addressed letters to him through the post, and once when a party of French schoolboys in London were asked what they would like to see first, they replied, 'The house in Baker Street where Mr Sherlock Holmes lived.

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