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Short Articles and Information about World War Two

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A World War Bunker

The Supermarine Spitfire

The Spitfire was designed by R. J. Mitchell the chief engineer at Vickers Supermarine who wanted to create a high-performance interceptor and fighter aircraft and its success was due to the unique design, which included the distinctive elliptical wing.

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Invasion of Norway

The Germans needed Norway for its many steep-sided inlets and fjords which could be used for U-boat bases and the flatter countryside for vital airbases for use in eventual attacks against England. But there was a problem - Germany could not invade Norway with a land-based army without first conquering neutral Denmark to use as a springboard for the attack.

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Loss of World War Two Convoy PQ17

In 1942, Convoy PQ17 was a heavily defended allied convoy taking urgently needed war materials from British ports to the Soviet Union.

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Ardeatine Caves Massacre in 1944

The Ardeatine Caves massacre on 24 August 1944 was a mass killing by the German occupying forces in Rome as a reprisal for a Resistance attack.

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