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The Prodigal Son, the 'Lost' Son who Returned Home

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The Prodigal Son returns home

The Prodigal Son is Forgiven

There was once a good, wealthy man who had two sons and they all worked hard in the fields and looking after the animals. One day, the younger son asked him for his share of the property now rather than be patient and wait for an inheritance. The man divided his property between his two sons and shortly after, the younger son sold his share and went to live in a far off country to spend his money on shameful and reckless living. He left his home and family, and took everything he owned with him as he had no intention of returning.

Unfortunately for the younger son the money soon ran out and the country where he was enjoying the high-living suffered a sudden and severe famine. The son was left with nothing so he reluctantly took a job on a farm feeding and looking after pigs. At times he was so hungry that he wished he could eat the same food as the pigs were eating.

Finally the younger son came to his senses and decided to try and return home and say to his father, "Father, I have sinned against God and against you, I am no longer fit to be called your son. Please take me back and treat me like one of your hired workers".

As the son neared the family home his father saw him coming and was instantly over-joyed. He ran to his son and embraced him, and called for the servants to provide the best robe and sandals for him, and to prepare the biggest calf on the farm for a feast. The father happily declared, "My son was lost and is now found".

The older brother who was still working for their father became so angry and upset that he refused to enter the house and join in the feast. The father begged his older son to enter and enjoy the celebrations but the son spoke back to his father saying that he had worked hard for him and acted like a slave for a very long time, and had never disobeyed his orders so why should the younger son, who wasted all his money on lustful and wanton living, be welcomed with a celebration.

The father said, "My son, you are always here with me and everything I have is yours. We are celebrating because this brother of your was dead, but now he is alive; he was lost but is now found".

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