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Snowdon - The Highest Mountain in England and Wales

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Image source: Pixabay: Gwyndafa

The Welsh name for Snowdon is Eryri which means 'Place of the Eagles'

Snowdon is the highest mountain in England and Wales. It is in the Welsh county of Caernarvonshire and in the district known as Snowdonia. The peak of Snowdon itself is 1,085 metres (3,560 feet) above sea level, and there are four other high peaks in Snowdonia - Crib y Ddysge, Crib Goch, Lliwedd and Yr Aran. The Welsh name for Snowdon is Eryri, which means 'the place of eagles'

There are several ways of reaching the summit of Snowdon. One is by a narrow rack-and-pinion railway (where a toothed wheel between two ordinary ones rolls along a toothed rail). There are also several paths by which climbers can walk to the summit. The finest rock climbs, however, are over Crib Goch and Lliwedd.

The paths up Snowdon are quite safe in clear weather, but now and then mist rolls down on the mountain. It is therefore unsafe to try climbing on it unless you are an expert climber or have a guide with you. If the weather is clear, a magnificent view can be seen from the top, where there is a refreshment room. Besides the great rocky ridges of Snowdonia itself, many of the hills of Wales are visible. Anglesey can be seen in the northwest, and occasionally it is possible to see the Isle of Man and the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland.

In order to prevent its wild beauty from spoiled, Snowdonia is designated as a national park.

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