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Woodland Flowers and Plants

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Woodland Flowers

Woodland Flowers and Plants

The deep soil in most woodland areas makes it possible for many different types of flowers to thrive among the deep rooted trees and shrubs. The woodland soil is deep and rich in food value and the abundant leaf-mould is forever replenishing the food supply. Flowers and plants of all shapes and sizes can easily thrive in deep soil because food is available at several different depths. Sunlight is always needed but even in summer most woodlands have enough light to allow stems and leaves to grow. However, many woodland flowers produce their flower heads in the spring when the sun is getting stronger but before the leaves on the trees appear.

One of the earliest spring flowers is the Lesser Celandine which is a very pretty little plant. It has shining heart-shaped leaves and looks very much like a buttercup. The petals are coloured bright yellow and have a glossy shine, and at this time of year the flower closes on colder days then opens again when the sun is warmer. The roots are tubers which contain the plant's supply of food.

Another woodland flower that appears early in spring is the Wood Anemone which shows up between March and May. This plant has lovely white flowers which are easily seen even in dark woodland. These plants have no nectar in the flower but bees are still attracted to them for the pollen.

Woodland flowers can also include the Wood-Sorrel although this doesn't usually appear until quite late in spring. Although the growth pattern is similar to the Anemone there are clear differences. This flower has leaves which fold up at night and then open again in the morning. The Primrose is another lovely woodland flower that has a long petal tube that only insects like bees can reach inside for the nectar. This is why they are popular with bees who can be seen flying from flower to flower.

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