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Avenging Angel (2007) Brief Details and Film Review

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Avenging Angel
Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel is a classic western film based on the story by William Sims Myers and stars Kevin Sorbo as a Preacher who becomes a bounty hunter seeking revenge for the deaths of his wife, daughter and the refugees who were taking shelter in his church. Nick Chinlund plays Bob Quinn, the very unpleasant sheriff who is in the pay of the local land baron. Cynthia Watros plays Maggie, the single mother with a heart of gold and with a young daughter Amelia to support, and Wings Hauser plays Colonel Cusack, the evil town boss who's out to grab as much land as he can.

Avenging Angel begins with the Preacher holding a service in his Church when a group of refugees, fleeing from the murderous outlaws of Colonel Cusack, burst in to seek safety and sanctuary. In destroying the Church with dynamite the outlaws manage to kill the Preacher's wife and daughter. The Preacher is faced with a dilemma - to forgive as he has so often preached to his congregation about, or to take revenge for the death of his family. After a lot of soul-searching he stops being a Preacher and becomes a bounty hunter so he can hunt down the killers.

Meanwhile, the local sheriff and his gunmen are trying to run off a group of squatters on behalf of evil Colonel Cusack. It was Cusack who sold them the land but refused to give them a bill of sale. He just wants to take the money and have them run off. The Preacher becomes aware of this and sets out to help defend the squatters in any way he can. It is not long before the Preacher recognises the sheriff as the leader of the ruthless outlaws who murdered his family and burnt down his Church. The story continues.

Avenging Angels is a great made-for-tv western film with fine acting from Kevin Sorbo, Nick Chinlund, Cynthia Watros and the supporting cast and is worth a place in any western film collection.

Film and Movie Information

Avenging Angel was released by RHI Entertainment in 2007 and was directed by David S Cass. The prncipal stars were Kevin Sorbo, Cynthia Watros and Nick Chinlund. The movie was filmed in Colour, in California, USA.

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