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Duet at Diablo (1966), Brief Details and Film Review

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Duel at Diablo
Duel at Diablo

Duel at Diablo (1966) is based on the novel Apache Rising by Marvin H Albery and stars James Garner as Jess Remsberg, Sidney Poitier as Toller, a former Army Sergeant who now specialises in breaking horses for the army, Bibi Andersson as Ellen Grange, a married woman disgraced by her forced captivity with the Apaches and raising a baby fathered by an Indian brave, and Dennis Weaver as Willard Grange, her embittered husband. Bill Travers plays Lieutenant Scotty McAllister and William Redfield is Sergeant Ferguson. The story is based on Lieutenant McAllister's orders from Colonel Foster, US Cavalry, to escort a wagon train including several ammunition supply wagons from fort Creel to Fort Concho with only a small troop of rookie soldiers across the desert through dangerous Apache country. Lieutenant McAllister takes Jess Remsberg, an ex-army scout, and Toller with him. Jess Remsberg's reason for going is to find the man who killed and scalped his Indian wife.

Duel at Diablo is a fast-paced, graphic western with plenty of action and some good suspense plots but it is a little more brutal than most. However, the viewer is spared any gruesome close-ups as the story leaves a lot to the imagination. The cinematography is excellent and so are the stunning views of the beautiful southern Utah landscape. James Garner gives an excellent, rare performance by playing it straight and there are good performances from Sydney Poitier, Dennis Weaver and Bibi Anderson. The music score is great and liked by many although some viewers think some of the score is a little too modern for an action-packed western film. The music soon fits in with the film and this is one western film that is definitely worth watching.

Film and Movie Information

Duel at Diablo was released by United Artists in 1966 and was directed by Ralph Nelson. The prncipal stars were James Garner, Sidney Poitier, Dennis Weaver and Bibi Anderson The movie was filmed in colour, in southern Utah, United States.

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