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Guns of a Stranger (1973), Brief Details and Film Review

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Guns of a Stranger
Guns of a Stranger

Guns of a Stranger is a western film released in 1973 by Universal Pictures. It stars Marty Robbins as Sheriff Matthew Roberts, Chill Wills as a grandfather Tom Duncan and Dovie Beams as the family daughter left to look after the heavily mortgaged ranch.

After killing a young gunfighter in Abilene in self-defence, Sheriff Matthew Roberts becomes unhappy with the role of lawman and heads further west. He moves from town to town earning a reputation as a drifter until eventually coming across a small family with an isolated ranch who are being bullied by the local crooked banker and a gang of local outlaws. It's not long before 'the drifter' realises that this may be an ideal opportunity to settle in one place for a while. After all, he can help protect the family from hostile townsfolk with his guns and help out with various chores on the ranch in return for board and lodging. The Drifter even goes so far as to enter the boxing ring in an attempt to win prize money and pay off some of the ranch's debts.

This is a popular and familiar theme for western films of the 1950's and it's quite surprising to see this released in 1973 when the western film genre was already in decline. It is also surprising to note that three main characters - Marty Robbbins, Chill Wills and Dovie Beams - appear to be wearing the same clothes throughout most of this film.

Film and Movie Information

Guns of a Stranger was released by Universal Pictures in 1973 and was directed by Robert Hinkle. The prncipal stars were Marty Robbins, Chill Wills and Dovie Beams. The movie was filmed in Technicolor, in Arizona, USA.

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