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The Comancheros (1961), Brief Details and Film Review

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The Comancheros
The Comancheros

The Comancheros is an action packed classic western film shot in the magnificent scenery and landscapes of Utah and Arizona in the United States. The film stars John Wayne as Captain Jake Cutter of the Texas Rangers, a big man with a soft heart, Stuart Whitman as Paul Regret, an elegant gambler on the run from the law, and Ina Balin as Pilar the beautiful daughter of the gun-running Comanchero renegade Graile who falls in love with Paul Regret. Lee Marvin makes a memorable appearance for a short time as Crow, a drunken killer and a gunman working with the outlaws.

Texas Ranger Captain Jake Cutter is out to arrest Paul Regret who is wanted by the law in Lousiana for duelling - the law considered it murder of a New Orleans man. He meets up with Regret on a riverboat, arrests him and plans to take him back to Louisana. However, on their travels they become aware of gun-running to the Indians by a gang of ruthless outlaws. Together they form an uneasy alliance and the Captain takes Paul Regret with him in handcuffs to continue the hunt for the gun-runners and stop the outlaw gang from supplying guns, ammunition and whiskey to the Indians and Comancheros.

The Comancheros is a worthy addition to any western film collection and features terrific performances from John Wayne, Stuart Whitman, Ina Balin, Patrick Wayne, Bruce Cabot, Lee Marvin, Edgar Buchanan and the rest of the supporting cast. The location filming is stunning with the beautiful landscapes and scenery of Utah and Arizona. The cinematography by William Clothier is spectacular and the musical score by Elmer Bernstein fits in nicely and keeps the action going.

Film and Movie Information

The Comancheros was released by 20th Century Fox in 1961 and was directed by Michael Curtiz. The prncipal stars were John Wayne, Stuart Whitman and Ina Balin. The movie was filmed in De Luxe (colour), in UTAH, USA.

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