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The Moonraker (1958), Brief Details and Film Review

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The Moonraker
The Moonraker

George Baker plays the Moonraker, an intrepid and daring hero who firmly believes in the Royalist cause, Sylvia Syms plays his love interest Anne Wyndham, and John Le Mesurier makes a special appearance as the Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell.

After the Battle of Worcester in 1651 at the end of the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell and his forces were intent on capturing Charles Stuart, the future king of England (Charles II) before he could flee to France. Charles Stuart's only hope of successful escape is with the assistance of The Moonraker - the intrepid Earl of Dawlish who had already helped many Royalists and their supporters to leave England. The hunt for the king is led by the Roundhead Colonel Beaumont played by Marius Goring who pursues the Moonraker and the escapees to the coast where a ship is waiting to take them to France.

Film and Movie Information

The Moonraker was released by A.B.P.C. in 1958 and was directed by David MacDonald. The prncipal stars were George Baker, Sylvia Syms and Peter Arne. The movie was filmed in Technicolor in England.

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