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The Trail to Hope Rose (2004), Brief Details and Film Review

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The Trail to Hope Rose
The Trail to Hope Rose

The Trail to Hope Rose was released by Hallmark Entertainment in 2004 and stars Lou Diamond Phillips as a half-breed Native American (Indian) Keenan Deerfield just released from a seven year term in a territorial prison and who is trying to start a new life and make a living as a miner. Ernest Borgnine plays Eugene Lawson, a kindly old rancher who frequently refers to his deceased wife Rosie and who stands up for whatever he believes in, Lee Majors as the watchful, sympathetic Marshal Luther Toll, and Marina Black as Christine Beckford - the love interest. The bullying town boss and head of Driggers family is Samuel Drigger played by Warren Stevens.

The film is based around a town whose biggest and meanest employer is the local rock mine owned and run by the Driggers family. They treat their workers very badly and frequently give them a very hard time but none of the workers will dare to complain. This constant harsh treatment soon breeds contempt for the Driggers and Keenan Deerfield begins to resist. However, Deerfield has to be careful because he knows that if he steps out of line just once he could be sent back to prison. When Keenan Deerfield stops another worker from badly beating his wife, things get worse for him even though Marshal Luther Toll and the older rancher Eugine Lawson are looking out for him. Deerfield even gets framed for a payroll robbery when a wagon is held up. The film continues with a lot of action, emotion and a great ending.

The Trail to Hope Rose is a fast-paced action film with a believeable story line. It all seems to fit together perfectly. The principal stars give excellent performances as do the supporting cast. The film was made at the Paramount Ranch, a purpose-built western town in Agoura, California.

Film and Movie Information

The Trail to Hope Rose was released by Hallmark Entertainment in 2004 and was directed by David S. Cass. The prncipal stars were Lou D. Phillips, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Majors. The movie was filmed in Colour in California, USA.

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