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The Violent Men (1955), Brief Details and Film Review

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The Violent Men
The Violent Men

The Violent Men is an excellent western film with an all-star cast - Glenn Ford, Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck and Brian Keith, and was produced by Columbia Pictures in 1955. It tells the story of an ex Union civil war officer and ranch owner John Parrish, played by Glenn Ford, and other small ranch owners resisting attempts to be pushed out of the valley by Lew Wilkison, a greedy cattle baron and owner of the Anchor Ranch who needs extra space for his growing cattle empire. Lew Wilkison, played by Edward G Robinson, is a big, crippled man who cares nothing for his neighbours - small ranchers and farmers - and will stop at nothing to get his way. He intends to be the biggest land owner in the area.

Lew Wilkison also has trouble with his family who live with him at the Anchor Ranch. His wife Martha, played by Barbara Stanwick, hates herself and is unfaithful with her brother-in-law Cole, played by Brian Keith, who is secretly plotting to take over the ranch. Cole is also aggressive with their neighbours and is quick to burn out the smaller ranchers who won't sell up and move out of the valley. This behaviour could move rapidly towards a full-scale range war. Only Lew's sensitive daughter Judith, played by Dianne Foster, is straight with her father even though she clearly disapproves of the removal tactics used by the family and their gunmen. Judith also has sympathy for John Parrish who eventually manages to unite the remaining ranchers and farmers and make a stand against Lew Wilkison and the Anchor Ranch. The inevitable final showdown is one of the best in western movies.

The Violent Men is one of Glenn Ford's best western appearances. It is an action-packed and memorable movie filmed in the beautiful and rugged scenery of the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, California.

Film and Movie Information

The Violent Men was released by Columbia Pictures in 1955 and was directed by Rudolph Mat. The prncipal stars were Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwick and Edward G. Robinson. The movie was filmed in Technicolor in California.

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