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Thunder Over Arizona (1956), Brief Details and Film Review

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Thunder Over Arizona
Thunder Over Arizona

Thunder Over Arizona was directed by Joseph Kane and released by Republic Pictures in 1956. It was adapted from a story written by Sloan Nibley and stars Skip Homeier as Tim Mallory, Kristine Miller as Fay Warren- who fights to save her family's mine, George Macready as the corrupt and unscrupulous Mayor Ervin Plummer, and Wallace Ford as Hal Styles.

The film tells the story of an easy-going cowboy Tim Mallory and the Warren family with three brothers, a sister and a father who live just outside Tombstone. They own a mine which has the good fortune of being on top of a vein of rich silver ore. The unscrupulous greedy mayor who controls the town, Ervin Plummer, and other corrupt officials are seeking to take over the mine owned by the family. The only peaceful way they can do this is by quoting an old, hardly-used law called the Apex Rule. This rule says that if a mineral vein runs through a neighbours land then the owner of the land containing the head of the vein have to surrender their rights. As this was hardly likely to stand up in court, mayor Ervin Plummer hires a killer called Shotgun Kelly to wipe out the family.

When the hired killer arrives in town he is not who he seems. On the way to town and fulfil his contract Shotgun Kelly attempts to kill Tim Mallory but Mallory manages to kill him in self-defence. Mallory continues into town carrying Shotgun Kelly's shotgun. On arrival he is mistaken for the notorious gunman and obtains the confidence of the mayor. As Mallory sets about warning the Warrens he is captured by the Warren brothers who are excellent shots and can look after themselves. The plot continues...

Film and Movie Information

Thunder Over Arizona was released by Republic Pictures in 1956 and was directed by Joseph Kane. The prncipal stars were Skip Homeier, Fay Warren and George Macready. The movie was filmed in Trucolor in California, USA.

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