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Interesting Short Articles and Information about Animals

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Indian Tigers

Tigers in India prefer the hot marshy lands along the banks of the rivers and the dry grassy plains as a natural habitat where its colours blend in perfectly with the surroundings. The most common Indian tiger is the Royal Bengal tiger.

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African and Indian Elephants

Today, there are just two kinds of elephants, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The Asian elephant is more commonly known as the Indian elephant even though they are found in Sri Lanka, Malaya, Burma, Thailand and Sumatra as well as India.

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Different Kinds of Fox

One of the cleverest animals is the fox, and many of stories have been told of his cunning. They are found in more parts of the World than any other animal.

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Dirrerent Kinds of Squirrel

The true squirrel of Great Britain is the red squirrel, a dainty little animal with fur that is generally red-brown, although, as it moults twice a year, the colour varies.

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