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Rivers and Oceans of The World

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The River Danube

Image source: Pixabay

The River Volga

The Volga drains the water from an area of more than half a million square miles. Its slow-moving waters make it a magnificent waterway, for it is almost as easy to sail against its current as to follow it downstream. The river is frozen in winter and dangerous when the ice melts because of ice floes.

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The River Forth

The River Forth, which is also known as the Forth River, rises at Loch Ard in the Trossachs in the mountains of western Scotland as two small streams and finally becomes 17 miles wide before emptying into the North Sea after flowing for about 114 miles. As it flows towards the sea it forms much of the boundary between the Scottish counties of Stirlingshire and Perthshire.

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The River Danube

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, but it carries little traffic for its size and is not by any means the second most important. It flows for more than 1,725 miles through seven countries until it reaches the Black Sea.

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The Indian Ocean

Europeans knew little about the Indian Ocean until in the middle ages they began to trade with the Arabs. Then they learned that spices grew on its coasts and islands, that pearls were found in its waters, and that some of the lands bordering it had mines where precious stones were obtained.

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The River Tigris

The River Tigris, which is sometimes known as the River Tigres, starts in the Tarus mountains of south-eastern Turkey and flows for some 1,150 miles towards Shatt el-Arab at the head of the Persian Gulf. Most of the time the River Tigris is flowing through the hot and dry regions of Iraq where it is used for essential irrigation.

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The River Euphrates

The River Euphrates begins in the mountains of Armenia and is one of the most historically important rivers in the middle east. It flows for about 1,700 miles through Syria and Iraq and joins the River Tigris at Shatt al-arab before emptying into the Persian Gulf.

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