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have you had enough of your boring garden walls?


Change the View in Your Garden

If you want to change the view in your garden then there are a few obvious options. One new option worth considering is installing an outdoor canvas and look out, perhaps. on a field of lavendars somewhere in Provence, France. In a snap you can change the canvas to whatever you want. This site outdoorcanvas.co.uk has thousands of high resolution photos that can be printed on a canvas. It’s even possible for customers to upload their own pictures. The canvases are weather resistant and they keep their colours for at least three years. They are washable and easy to clean. The canvases are made-to-measure with centimetre accuracy. It’s even possible to optionally order a hanging system so you can attach your canvas to it. There are eight different hanging systems like a wooden frame or an aluminium tube frame.
Change View in Your Garden

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